Open Pic Night / TiE Women / June 2022

Open Pic Night / TiE Women / June 2022

Open Mic Night is an event where entrepreneurs learn the criteria and methods used by real investors to evaluate their venture as a potential investment. This is done by recreating a typical investor meeting where a few companies pitch and receive feedback from TiE Oregon Charter Members. These meetings follow the same basic agenda of an investor meeting with three sections: the pitch, Q&A, and investor discussion & decision.

Who facilitates Pitch Club?

Pitch Club is organized by Kari Naone, TiE Oregon Executive Director and led by Heather Samarin, a TiE Charter Member who is an investor and successful entrepreneur.

What to expect?

Please minimally prepare for a 5-minute pitch. If time permits each person could get up to 10 minutes so be prepared for that as well. This can include a slides/ppt that will be presented from your computer. Directly after pitching, Q&A and discussion will take place.

Those who attend pitch club will walk away with a better understanding of what investors look for in a pitch and how to answer the questions possible investor will ask. In addition, each presenter will receive a digital copy of their pitch and feedback from their peers and TiE Charter Members.

Interested in sponsoring Pitch Club – please contact [email protected].


Jun 14 2022


17:30 - 20:30

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