Subu Kota

Congratulations to all the semifinalist entrepreneurs who participated in the TiE Women Pitch Competition! Watching your presentations has been awe-inspiring. I have been in the entrepreneurial space for many decades now, and there were very few women entrepreneurs then. But I am blown away by your creative solutions & mindfulness about the impact your products have on the environment & the world at large.

Research shows, and we all know quite well that women are naturally strong leaders, with great problem-solving skills, building strong relationships and working in a more collaborative environment. Given the right platform & opportunity, they can turn their ideas into successful being successful entrepreneurs!

For far too long, most investors have underestimated women-run companies & VCs prefer to fund companies run by men even though stats showed a higher rate of success by women entrepreneurs. We have the power to change this now. Bring gender equality, encourage women entrepreneurs in their endeavors by providing them with not just funding, but also with tools like mentorship, networking and pitch competitions like this one by TiE Women!

Today, you all have inspired me with your ideas, your ability to fill a need in today’s world, to make a product that is better than the one that exists – one that is safe & better for the environment! More than making money, you have all shown that you care! That is what makes each of you global leaders & the world needs more of you!

Congratulations to all the semifinalists & finalist of the TiE Global Women’s Pitch Competition! There are many girls & young women who are inspired by you and aspire to become entrepreneurs one day too!

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October 28, 2021

Subu Kota