Open Mic Nights

TiE Women’s monthly Startup Open Mic Night is not your typical meet and greet. It is a curated event of networking and pitching. OMNs are slated to be held on the second Tuesday of every month and will be hosted by a volunteer chapter globally.
A mentor is invited to give live feedback to all women entrepreneurs pitching. This mentor could be a seasoned angel investor, Venture Capitalist, or PE Investor.

Who can Pitch?
A female founder of ANY stage Startup company with oodles of passion and the ability to give an elevator pitch for 120 seconds with a specific ASK at the end of it.

If you would like to register for any of our upcoming OMNs, please visit the Program Calendar.

Active Learning Workshops

The Active Learning Workshops are designed to give entrepreneurs a hands-on learning experience where they actively participate in ideating and creating materials relevant to their work and business. The workshops are structured for collaborative participation in small groups to learn and share their outcomes. The program is designed such that the facilitator presents the content in a short format and then encourages active participant interactions through questions, brainstorming, group discussions and exercises/worksheets, etc.

Suggested duration: 90 – 120 minutes for Online; 2 – 3 hours Onsite

Participant group size: 25 – 30

If you would like to register for any of our upcoming Active Learning Workshops, please visit the Program Calendar.

Connect Series

TiE Women Connect Series will focus on strategies for women entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs to help get ready for opportunities in the new normal. In monthly fireside chats, the session will cover topics like seizing opportunities, strategies for winning in challenging times, fundraising, marketing, organisational priorities, finances, current technology, leadership in times of crisis, building resilience, and sustainability plans. Participants will walk away with tangible tips on how to grow and adapt to changing circumstances. These sessions are 45 minutes long. 30 minutes of targeted discussion and 15 mins for Q&A.